Service Program Options
Pest prevention programs are the most cost-effective and stress-free ways to keep your home and business safe from nuisance insects and rodents. At Checkmate, we most often work with customers on a quarterly program for ants (carpenter and pavement), spiders, bees, wasps/hornets, earwigs, and rodents; cluster flies are managed seasonally (August and September).

Our professional pest control services include an innovative biological pest control service that delivers guaranteed results. This unique way of terminating pests dwells upon the idea of profitably utilizing natural enemies of insects and pest exterminators, also known as biological control agents.

We can create interior, exterior, and combination pest control plans for any pest and any home or business. We offer inspections, consultations and free estimates to the Central Vermont areas. Our work is 100% guaranteed.

The Most Common Pests

Though we can develop a pest management plan for any nuisance, here is a list of common pests we help you eliminate. These include:
  • Ants: A home invader of the highest degree, carpenter ants can cause structural damage as they tunnel through wood; fire ants can cause painful bites and an infestation of any ants can transmit disease and contaminate food.
  • Cluster Flies: The king of nuisance pests, these slow-moving housefly look-alikes gather in large numbers in windows and attics making noise and being generally unattractive and pesky.
  • Rodents: Disease transmitters, wire gnawers, noise makers, and general home destroyers, rats and mice pose many annoyances and health risks.
  • Wasps/Hornets & Bees: A hive of stinging pests can cause significant health risks to children and adults who have allergies to various bites and stings.
  • Meal Moths/Worms: Farms, restaurants, and homes alike run the risk of meal worms eating food stores and pantry items as they infest places that store grains, cereals, nuts, etc.
  • Cockroaches: Though rare in Vermont houses, commercial structures (including apartment buildings, restaurants, hospitals, warehouses, and offices) are a prime target for cockroach infestations, which can transmit salmonella and dysentery,
  • Spiders: Though Vermont is home to few native poisonous spiders, the mess and unattractive appearance of webs can become quite a nuisance.
  • Bed Bugs: Travel and hotel stays can bring these pests into your home or business and infestations happen quite quickly.

What You Can Do

While we advise an on-going pest management program extended by Checkmate on a schedule that fits your needs, there are some precautions you can take at your home and business which make things harder for the pests you might face.
  • Keep clutter down, particularly piles of papers and clothes.
  • Throw away boxes, junk, and other objects that could become a home or nest.
  • Fix leaks and avoid standing water in your sinks and yard.
  • Store dry goods in plastic or metal food-grade storage containers.
  • Empty the trash as often as possible and have trash removed regularly.
  • Clean spills and messes promptly.
  • Make walls impenetrable by sealing cracks and holes both from the inside and outside.
For questions about our pest control services, contact us or call us at 802-453-3557 or 866-456-4556.